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Obese with a six pack?

Thatís right, at 6í 2Ē in height and at a body weight of 237 pounds, Tom Butler has a Body Mass Index of 30.6 and, according to the BMI chart, anything over 30 is obese.  Therefore, this guy flexing his chiseled six pack on the beach IS OBESE!!!

The problem with weight loss is that you donít know which kind of weight you lose:  muscle, water, or fat.  The scale doesnít tell any difference between the three.  In fact, the scale misleads you because muscle weighs more than fat per unit of size.  Think of the simple  physics of composition:  anything fluffy and spongy (like fat) tends to weigh less than something of the same size that is hard and solid (like muscle).   So you see, the vast majority of the people have it dead wrong - you don't want to lose weight, you want to lose FAT!!!

That's why the body mass index is outdated.  Anyone with muscle is going to be overweight or obese according to that outdated chart.  The BMI was invented in the 1800s before the benefits of strength training were realized.  The BMI only factors in height and weight, and often times omits the most important factor:  body fat.  A much better way to determine overall health is the Height to Waist Ratio test. 

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Tom Butler, 30.6 BMI

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