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Uh, let me guess - it's diet and exercise, right?
  The answer is “Yes, but..…”  Let us explain:  YES it is diet and exercise, BUT what kind of diet and what kind of exercise?  You see, a sumo wrestler’s or a power lifter’s workout routine is extremely effective for certain things (like lifting big weights or moving big objects) but is very ineffective, in fact almost useless, for losing body fat.  Look at the physiques of these athletes.

With diet, many people make the common mistake of thinking that an effective diet is based on eating less food.  Successful athletes know that to eliminate pure body fat, they need a correctly balanced diet that focuses on nutrient intake and not less calories.  The Science of Fat Loss fully explains what diet and what exercise is the most effective for fat loss.

Can you give me a sample of what to eat or what to do? 
  Many people ask for free information or request "just a little tid bit to help just a little". The truth is that without a full understanding of the whole picture, one or two components or "little tid-bits" are useless. 

When you get something for free, usually it's worth just about what you paid for it - nothing. Think of your past experiences of getting a free flyer, or a free prize. Because of the necessary time, effort, and resources, the laws of economics prohibit quality to be free or cheap. You get what you pay for and you pay for what you get.

At Strength Through Science, we feel that the serious athlete would rather pay a fair price than receive something worthless for free and that's who we've catered to for the past 10 years. We use state of the art computer production equipment and many years of research from doctors, expert coaches, and kinesiologists to produce the best, most effective programs available.

As far as describing some of the information, it would be useless without all the other related information and wouldn't make much sense.  It's hard enough conveying the information in a digitally mastered, one hour video with computer graphics/charts/etc.  It would really miss the mark and be an injustice to the whole program to try to sum it up in a couple of email sentences.

The question really is: What is it worth to you to find out (risk free) how to lose all the fat you want?  $20.00?  It's your call.

You guarantee I will lose all the fat I want on The Science of Fat Loss program.  Can I get down to 0% body fat?
  No.  You still need some body fat to insulate your internal organs (and several other essential functions), you just don’t want to have too much body fat.  Ideal levels of body fat are around 10-15% for men and 20-25% for women, although many physique oriented athletes like to have a little lower percentage of body fat for that just right look.  When you start getting below 6 or 7 percent body fat, it starts to get unhealthy, so contest bodybuilders try to just “sneak in” to that minimum body fat state for just a little bit of time, and then after the contest get back to a healthy state.  However, many Americans are well over 25% body fat and the percentage of Americans getting obese is rising at an alarming rate.  Childhood obesity, and therefore, adolescent diabetes is skyrocketing, and the reason is too much body fat.  What people need is the most effective method to lose pure body fat, not body weight, but rather PURE BODY FAT!  The Science of Fat Loss is absolutely 100% GUARANTEED to make you lose pure body fat at the fastest rate possible and maximize your overall health.
How much weight will I lose?
  Who cares.  Remember, it's not about weight loss, it's about FAT loss.  Make no mistake, we're trying to change everyone's perspective on this outdated idea that has been the standard for too long:  weight loss. You don't want to lose weight, you want to lose pure body fat.
Is it Low Carb?
No.  This program utilizes Low Glycemic Carbs, from nutrient dense sources, balanced with lean protein and healthy, unsaturated fats. 
Do you need to use laxatives?
  NO!  Absolutely not!
How safe is it?
  It's the safest, healthiest thing that you can do.
Do you sell supplements to use with The Science of Fat Loss?
  No.  Diet pills and weight loss supplements have been around for decades and have made millions of dollars, yet they don't work.  Try any of them and you will see.  The Science of Fat Loss explains, in explicit detail, why weight loss pills don't work.  We never have, and never will sell supplements of any kind.
There are millions of weight loss programs out there, why is yours any different?
  Because it's not a weight loss program at all - it's a fat loss program!  Weight loss is simply achieved by consuming less calories than you expend.  This proves to be difficult using the classic portion reduction strategy because eating less food makes you very hungry and eventually you break down and eat even more food.  The top physique athletes know that in order to deplete your excess body fat storage, you have to learn how to feed yourself correctly, not starve yourself.  On The Science of Fat Loss you will NEVER be hungry, you'll always be comfortably full.
You have a 90 day money back guarantee.  Will I have any problems or any delays if I'm not 100% satisfied?
  No.  At Strength Through Science, we have proudly stood behind our 100% money back guarantee for over 10 years and have refunded EVERY single customer who has returned one of our products.  This guarantee is solid.  We don't mind backing it up because of our satisfaction rate.  Our product return rate since 1997 is less than 1%.  We absolutely guarantee maximum results!