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I lost 82 lbs of pure fat in 6 months following "The Science of Fat Loss" plan and moderate exercise.  The fat just melted away.  It was so easy to follow.  I never felt hungry.  Before my fat loss, I walked with my head down.  I never looked people in the eye.  I would avoid social functions.  My fat loss has boosted my confident level.  I walk with my head held high and I love to go to social gatherings.  I feel great in my body and most importantly, I feel healthy.  My taste buds for junk food diminished completely.  I lost all those cravings.  My body now craves good healthy food and lots of activity.  Thank you STS!  Ann K., CA.

I was a chubby child and an overweight/obese adolescent.  Comments and teasing from other kids hurt me, but what really bothered me was that I realized I wasn't what I wanted to be.  I envied those people with "comic book" type perfect physiques.  I wanted a strong, lean body.  I'm a very determined and hard working guy, so I started working out.  First with sports, then with weights.  Only when I discovered what bodybuilders were doing to get that lean "shredded" look did I start to make progress with the way my body looked.  When I started working with STS and Dr. Linville, I was turned on to all the facts I needed to know to minimize body fat.  Now I compete as a California body builder and physique athlete and I am a co-star in "The Science of Fat Loss" video. I want all the kids out there who might have a body image problem to know that I'm living proof that you can have the body you want - you just have to know what to do and go for it.  - Bill V., CA.

I'm Reggie Chapman, Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and Professional Personal Trainer.  I have been a jock my whole life and in good shape with around 8 percent body fat.  I was never able to get leaner than that no matter how hard I worked or what I tried.  Then I hooked up with STS and started working with Dr. Linville and Tom Butler.  I discovered that I was missing a few key elements from my diet and, with a few simple adjustments, I was amazed that I quickly got down to 2% body fat!   CA.

Your information is the answer I have been searching for all of my life as a chubby kid from Queens, NY since the age of 5 now 29 yrs. Old I went from 228lbs, to now a lean 175lbs. All thanks to you STS I am looking forward to doing business in the near future thanks again.  Cachaun D., NY

I have never seen results like this in my entire life.  I lost a full notch off of my belt in 5 days.  I love the look and feel of a lean body.  Jennifer S., CA

This is by far the best made instructional video I have ever seen.  It's entertaining and not boring to watch.  The info is priceless, it really does detail an exact game plan that's easy to follow that will make you lose pure fat the fastest you possibly can.  I've lost 24 pounds of pure fat.  This is amazing.  Tiffany M., IL 

Hi. My name is Mike Rousselle, and I am 20 years old.  I have just completed your fat loss program, and I feel great.  I have lost all of my unwanted fat, and I feel an incredible boost in my confidence.  P.S.   My girlfriend likes my newly aquired six pack.  NC