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Women and Fat Loss

Both men and women lose maximum fat in minimum time on "The Science of Fat Loss", however, women often times have more profound results with the program than their male counterparts.  That's because, generally speaking, women have a higher percentage of body fat than men (healthy levels are 10-15% for men and 20-25% for women).  Women have MORE of exactly what "The Science of Fat Loss" attacks - pure body fat, even though, on average, women weigh less than men.  Women shrink rapidly when they start to employ optimal FAT loss techniques.  They lose a large amount of overall size.

"The Science of Fat Loss" eliminates fat right where it's stored:  around the waist and hips/thighs in women.  When the body gets fattening food into it's stomach, it processes it into excess body fat and stores it in the closest, most convenient location - next to it, around the belly, rather than transporting it all the way down to the ankles or all the way up to the shoulders.  If you have a big belly, or any where that jiggles, that is excess body fat.  That is what "The Science of Fat Loss" will eliminate at the fastest rate possible.  That’s why "The Science of Fat Loss" makes you lose a lot of size – specifically around your mid section – because that is where your body stores it’s excess body fat.

Why are people so attracted to thin waists?

Nature instills certain instincts in animals to ensure the perpetuation of the species through the mating process. People are generally not attracted to someone that is perceived as sick, ill, or physically incapable.  In the animal kingdom, think of the female’s attraction to the alpha male of the pack - the strong, healthy, and capable one.  In every society around the world, think about how much importance men place on a female’s appearance, specifically their body.  Reducing  waist size by eliminating excess body fat is the only way for women to get the hour glass shape that is so attractive to men.  People are attracted to health, vitality, and capability.  This is visually illustrated by a thin waist that indicates a healthy amount of body fat.